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Hydro Clean - Drainage Cleaning Athens - Cleaning pipelines Athens - Plumber Services

The Company {small}

HYDRO CLEAN activates in the field of obstruction and plumbing


Plumbing Works {small}

We undertake drainage works everywhere needed.


Fumigation - Disinfestation {small}

We serve directy at houses and businesses.

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Sewage Cleanings Athens | Fumigations Athens
HYDRO CLEAN has been active in the field of obstruction and plumbing since 1979 in Attica. The company has modern machines and specialized staff with years of experience in the field, providing safe solutions to your every problem.
HYDRO CLEAN undertakes blockades of sewers and floodlights, sinks, basins, siphons etc. in the center of Athens and where requested. Fully diagnosed fault detection and piping with dedicated high resolution digital camera.